A longtime customer came to me with an old ring and wanted to transform it into something new and remarkable. I am often asked to transform an old ring into a new ring by transplanting the diamonds. However, this particular task was focused on turning the ring into a necklace.

I accepted the challenge.

Starting Point

The original ring contained 5.75 cts of baguette diamond. It was a nice ring indeed, but the customer wants what the customer wants, right?!

Customers Old Ring

The next step is to carefully remove each of the baguette shaped diamonds from the old ring.

Diamonds Removed

After the diamonds are removed, it’s time to start dreaming about what the new custom designed necklace will look like.

Designing a Necklace

Like most great ideas, all we need is a pen and a piece of paper… Or napkin… Or in my case, a tiny manilla envelope. An alternating slanted configuration of the baguette diamonds seemed like the perfect way to be exciting yet classical.

Designing Jewelry

It may not look like much on paper, but once we take it to the next stage, you’ll start to see where the vision becomes a reality.

The Lost Wax Process

The paper pattern is then destined to be turned into wax. This particular wax design was crafted completely by hand. There are mechanical and computer based methods of creating wax designs, but I prefer that the waxes are designed and made by hand as they are more artistic and not as “mechanical”.

The Lost Wax Process

Then it is cast into 14k white gold using the “lost wax process“, and hand finished and polished.

The Final Necklace Result

Once the gold is hardened and polished, the baguette diamonds are added, further polish and finishing touches are applied, and we are left with a gorgeous new necklace.

14k White Gold Necklace from old Baguette Diamonds

View the product page for this custom deigned necklace here!