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If you’re looking for jewelry such as an engagement ring, loose diamonds, gemstones, other wedding jewelry or lab grown diamonds, we’re committed to ensuring you find the perfect piece. We can also work with you to create unique and customized jewelry designs.
Find us in New York City’s Diamond District.

Custom Engagement Rings

Visit our New York store to find your special someone the ring of their dreams. We can also work with you to create your own custom engagement ring design.

Lab Grown Diamonds

The Real Deal

Lab grown diamonds are affordable with the quality and beauty of a mined diamond. The only difference is the humane and environmentally friendly method in which they are grown. Learn more about lab grown diamonds and our commitment to supporting their presence in the diamond market.

Kind Words from a Customer

“I inherited a beautiful vintage white gold filagree diamond wide cuff that was a tight fit on my wrist. It needed to be made about an inch bigger. I didn’t think it could be done. Katz Jewelery thoroughly explained how the bracelet could be enlarged, and in a few weeks they magically modified this intricate bracelet to fit me perfectly. They returned it to me polished and sparkling like new. I’m so happy I entrusted them with this cherished heirloom.”

- She shall remain anonymous by request
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Additional Jewelry Services:

In addition to our fine selection of diamonds and jewelry in store in New York City, we offer the following services:​

  • Custom jewelry designs
  • Remodelling of your diamonds and coloured stones
  • Jewelry repair
  • Purchase of estates, gold and diamonds
  • Appraisals
  • Diamond and colored stone re-cutting
  • Gem identification and appraisals
  • Mined and lab grown diamonds with GIA, IGI, GCAL certificates
  • Lab grown diamonds
  • Gold, diamonds and estates purchased
  • Honest and unbiased advice

Katz Jewelry Company, New York, NY

We’re an established jewelry shop in New York City with a reputation for honesty, distinguished service and exquisite jewelry. Our prices make our pieces accessible to all.

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