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Ring To Necklace

A longtime customer came to me with an old ring and wanted to transform it into something new and remarkable. I am often asked to transform an old ring into a new ring by transplanting the diamonds. However, this particular task was focused on turning the ring into a necklace.

  • Starting point,The original ring contained 5.75 cts of baguette diamond.
  • Carefully remove each of the baguette shaped diamonds from the old ring.
  • Design the necklace. An alternating slanted configuration of the baguette diamonds seemed like the perfect way to be exciting yet classical.
  • Wax design. This particular wax design was crafted completely by hand.
  • Cast into 14k white gold using the “lost wax process“, and hand finished and polished.
  • Once the gold is hardened and polished, the baguette diamonds are added, further polish and finishing touches are applied, and we are left with a gorgeous new necklace.

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