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  • Jamaican Proposal – Engagement Ring on Site

    This elegant engagement ring showcases a stunning 4 carat lab-grown diamond, set in a classic 14K white gold band. The ring offers a sustainable and modern choice, featuring a lab-created stone that mirrors the brilliance and clarity of a mined diamond.

    This ring happen to make its way to Jamaica for an impromptu proposal. As you can see, she definitely said YES!

  • Lab grown emerald cut 5.02cts 2Lab grown emerald cut 5.02cts 1

    Lab Grown Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 5.02 CT

    Presenting a refined and elegant engagement ring (though oftentimes, this caliber of ring is used as a second engagement ring… You know, once you’ve ‘made it’). Featuring a lab-grown emerald cut diamond with a 5.02 CT weight and F/vs1 clarity. Complemented by two trapezoid cut side diamonds totaling 1.08 CT, this ring exudes a balanced and sophisticated charm. The custom-made platinum setting adds a touch of understated luxury. Choose this eco-friendly and ethically sourced piece for a meaningful and timeless symbol of your love.

    • Lab grown emerald cut diamond at 5.02 CT
    • Clarity of F/vs1
    • 2 trapezoid cut side diamonds weighing 1.08 CT
    • Custom made platinum setting 😁
  • Pear Shaped Diamond Ring 1Pear Shaped Diamond Ring 2

    Large Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

    This engagement ring features a 6 ct lab-grown pear-shaped diamond with G color and VS clarity, complemented by 3/4ct of small diamonds in the shank and under-bezel for subtle brilliance. The design offers a modern twist on a classic style, perfect for an eco-conscious yet sophisticated choice.

  • Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

    Long Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

    Discover the epitome of elegance with our 3.21ct lab-grown cushion cut diamond engagement ring, crafted in lustrous 14k white gold. The stone’s E color and VS1 clarity ensure a stunning, brilliant display that captures the essence of timeless love.

  • Lab grown diamond ringLab grown diamond ring top view

    Magnificent Lab Grown Diamond Ring

    We welcome your attention to a genuine scientific marvel. This lab grown diamond is a whopping 2.56ct, and is set in a halo setting with diamonds on the shank. Truly a combination of science and nature working together for you.

  • Angle Platinum Engagement RingTop down view platinum engagement ring

    Oval Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

    Link them together for eternity! Wedding band and engagement ring made from platinum make for an epic set for any discerning couple. This next-level ring set features:

    • A sizeable 1.50 CT oval shaped diamond on the engagement ring
    • Engagement ring also features 0.50 CT of smaller diamonds.
    • The wedding band has 0.25 CT of smaller diamonds.
  • Oval Halo Engagement RingOval halo engagement ring

    Oval Halo Engagement Ring

    A very unique oval design that features an array of smaller diamonds surrounding the core diamond.

  • Oval top lab grown diamond ringYellow gold and 1.25 ct diamond

    Oval Lab Grown Diamond with Yellow Gold

    Oval diamonds seem to be on trend right now. This 1.25 CT lab grown diamond fits the mold with its yellow gold band.

  • Pear Shaped Lab Grown Diamond

    Pear Shaped Lab Grown Diamond Ring

    This pear shaped lab grown diamond is safe and sound and clocks in at 1.75ct. It is accompanied by 0.35 CT of diamonds on the side. Only in New York City folks!

  • Platinum Ceylon Sapphire Ring 1Platinum Ceylon Sapphire Ring 3

    Platinum Ceylon Sapphire Ring

    This gigantic platinum features a Ceylon sapphire, which is an indicator of a higher quality sapphire stone. It features:

    • Ceylon sapphire is 7.29 cts.
    • Surrounding Diamonds total in at 1.29cts.

    Here is a brief rundown on sapphire quality ratings (names based on origin) from worst to best;

    • Australian – Dark it looks like ink. Very opaque. Home shopping club, mall store type quality…
    • Thai – Medium rich color, semi transparent. The best most people usually see…
    • Ceylon – Usually a bit lighter than Thai , with a very transparent and beautiful color
    • Kashmir – Honestly I don’t know, I’ve never seen one. There is no new production from any of those old mines… The classic description is a silky light to medium blue. I’d love to see one some day.


  • Platinum Wedding BandPlatinum Wedding Band Profile

    Platinum Engagement and Wedding Ring Set

    A long time customer had me turn their old engagement ring and wedding band into something new. Now we can see this platinum set is reborn with glorious features:

    • Platinum rings
    • Engagement ring has a 4.00 CT diamond and 0.5 CT smaller diamonds
    • Wedding band also has 0.5 CT of diamonds
  • Platinum Engagement Ring with Lab Grown Diamonds Side Profile TopPlatinum Engagement Ring with Lab Grown Diamonds Side Profile Medium

    Platinum Engagement Ring with Lab Grown Diamonds

    These are the types of engagement rings that love stories are based on. This platinum ring features a large 3.5 CT lab grown diamond, as well as smaller lab grown diamonds weighing in at 3/4 of a CT. It is bold and striking.

  • Double Halo Engagement RingDouble Halo Engagement Ring

    Remodelled Double Halo Engagement Ring

    Make something old into something new:

    A customer brought us some diamonds which we remodelled into this double halo engagement ring.

    This ring features:

    • 14K White Gold
    • Center Diamond: 1 3/4 Carat
    • Surrounding Diamonds: 3 1/2 Carat
  • Emerald Cut Diamond Ring ProfileEmerald Cut Diamond Ring Top View

    Remodelled Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

    This fancy ring was remodelled from a customer’s old simple 3 stone ring. After a meticulous process, it now features:

    • A 2 Ct diamond as the centrepiece
    • 2 ‘trillion’ cut diamonds on the side, at 0.60 ct total
    • 2 side straight baguette diamonds 0.55ct total
    • 40 round diamonds 1ct total
  • Round diamond ringtop view of a diamond ring

    Stunning 3.02 Ct Round Diamond

    This gorgeous round diamond ring, is contained in a classic setting, and features tapered baguettes. The diamond is 3.02 carats and is sure to produce a sparkle to match New York’s finest summer sunshine.


  • 2-25 Carat lab grown diamond platinum2-25 Carat lab grown diamond platinum

    Unique 2.25 Ct Lab Grown Engagement Ring

    This one of a kind engagement ring is now securely en route to a proud new owner. 

    It is a unique 2.25 carat lab grown diamond, with pear shaped diamonds on the sides, and sits perfectly in a hand made platinum mounting. Truly one-of-a-kind.


    • 2.25 ct lab grown diamond
    • 0.75 ct total pear shaped lab grown diamonds
    • Custom hand made platinum mount

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