Platinum Ceylon Sapphire Ring

This gigantic platinum features a Ceylon sapphire, which is an indicator of a higher quality sapphire stone. It features:

  • Ceylon sapphire is 7.29 cts.
  • Surrounding Diamonds total in at 1.29cts.

Here is a brief rundown on sapphire quality ratings (names based on origin) from worst to best;

  • Australian – Dark it looks like ink. Very opaque. Home shopping club, mall store type quality…
  • Thai – Medium rich color, semi transparent. The best most people usually see…
  • Ceylon – Usually a bit lighter than Thai , with a very transparent and beautiful color
  • Kashmir – Honestly I don’t know, I’ve never seen one. There is no new production from any of those old mines… The classic description is a silky light to medium blue. I’d love to see one some day.